What is CleanTEMP?
CleanTEMP is the industry’s newest innovation in food safety designed to prevent cross-contamination between thermometer uses. cleanTEMP is an alternative to probe wipes and a replacement to the protective sheath.

In the flow of food, failure to prevent cross-contamination and failure to adequately maintain the control of food temperatures, are the two factors most commonly implicated in outbreaks of food borne illness.

Cross-Contamination: When potentially hazardous food comes in direct contact with other foods or their contaminated juices, you risk transferring disease-causing microorganisms, such as bacteria and viruses from one food to another. Cross-Contamination can occur at almost any point in the flow of food. Pathogens can be spread from food or unwashed hands to prep tables, utensils, equipment, or other food.

Time-Temperature Control: Throughout the flow of food, careful monitoring and maintaining of temperatures below 40*F or above 140*F will greatly reduce the risk of foodbourne illness. Known as the Temperature Danger Zone where pathogens survive and grow, disease-causing bacteria are capable of rapidly multiplying within this rage at 70*F and 125*F. Time-Temperature abuse should be avoided by proper temperature checks, scheduled recording, and moving food items quickly through these zones.

In the food service industry, a single thermometer is typically used to measure the temperature of many different samples of one or more types of food products. However, bacteria from the food product sample whose temperature is being measured can adhere to the probe, rendering the probe unsanitized. Accordingly, to prevent the unsanitized probe from contaminating the next food product sample whose temperature is to be measured, the probe must be sanitized prior to inserting the probe into the next sample.

Presently, sanitization of thermometer probes between temperature measurements of different food product samples is achieved by manually wiping the probe with an alcohol napkin. This sanitation method requires a constant supply of fresh swabs, which must be properly disposed of after use. Thus, the present probe sanitation method involves multiples steps, including procuring numerous swabs and making them readily available for use, applying the swabs to the probe and disposing the swabs. Such a multiple step method lends itself to not being strictly followed, which can result in bacterial contamination of the food product sample being inspected. Also, because the thermometers need to be used repeatedly at a relatively high frequency (e.g. one or more times per minute), the present sanitization method becomes time consuming.

In addition, if an unsanitized thermometer is returned to its protective sheath, bacteria from that probe will adhere to the walls of the sheath multiplying over time. Although anti-micorbial treatments will help to reduce this growth, repetitious practice in a hot environment will present greater risk as time allows.

cleanTEMP is a means to reduce error, prevent cross contamination, remind and encourage temperature monitoring and to regulate the act of sanitation in a second nature form – every single time. Food safety programs are stringent on sanitation and proper procedure to protect their customers and their diners- why should the sanitation monitoring of thermometers be any different?

Every Utensil Counts
Filled at the start of each shift, cleanTEMP acts as a vessel to hold standard sanitizing solution found in every kitchen. Through this self-santizing method, the thermometer is held always at thre ready, on the chef uniform. After use, the thermometer is returned to the cleanTEMP tube to sanitized while the operator continues cooking. With cleanTEMP, the act of sanitation becomes second nature. Take the guesswork out of safety.

CleanTEMP is a trademark of VANCO INC.
The CleanTEMP concept is not new, but the brand is. Inventor and Chef Walter Van Price III was associated with the food services industry for over thirty years. Throughout his career, the awareness of the spread of bacteria and sanitation became increasingly important. As Walter trained many young chefs and observed common kitchen practices -always brainstorming new ideas – he envisioned the CleanTEMP system as a solution and a tool in for his industry. Read more...

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